ConnACT #1 a success!

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Yesterday, a much awaited ConnACT #1 took place in Kiberpipa, where 16 players tried to become the winner of the very first offline HearthStone event by Conn.Si. The tournament was made possible by SteelSeries Slovenia, GS Računalniki, Kiberpipa, Shark Energy Drink Slovenia, Conn.Si, all players, casters and the crew involved. We would like to apologise for the scheduling hiccup, and we would like to thank everyone that was present on the event!

After a long but an exciting day, it was Team MiA’s zaephyr who emerged victorious, with a Serbian player slasher finishing on a respectable second place. Jaay won the bronze after Mangup forfeited the third place match. The biggest upset of the tournament has to be Freck, who is recognized as one of the better Slovenian HearthStone players, and his Round of 8 exit only shows that the competition is getting better while the gap between the best and the good is slowly but surely closing.


You can check more results from the tournament here, and be sure to visit our photo gallery on Facebook! Stay tuned as we will release a few awesome VODs of the best games of the ConnACT #1. Meanwhile, if you can’t wait and want to check out the games right away, watch the whole live stream of the event here!


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