Conn.Si SC2 Massacre Summer Finals

One more day and the much awaited Summer Finals of 2014 Conn.Si SC2 Massacre are set to begin, starting on Sunday, 29th of June 2014, at 13:00 CEST. Without any further ado, let’s take a look at the brackets and introduce the chances of all eight participants.

Round 1 Winner Brackets

Z_smallMiA|Evuser vs PwS|Dreyan P_small

The first pair consists of a sole representative from team PwSDreyan – and one of the more recognized Slovenian players in Evuser. While the latter is considered a favorite, Dreyan is one of those players that can bring just about anything to the table. Needless to say, Evuser, who represented Slovenia way back in 2011 on ESWC World Finals, is the more experienced one and will look to advance to the Round 2 of Winner Brackets. Both players are capable of grabbing a Top4 finish, and their reach will depend on how the other brackets play out. All in all, after showing great form as of late, Evuser is a strong candidate to face Starbuck in the finals, so it’s up to Dreyan to knock him to the lower brackets.

Z_smallMiA|Pajack vs MiA|DeLuxEP_small

Rematch of PwS Invitational III finals is surely one of the most exciting Round 1 match-up’s of the Massacre Summer Finals. Last time when the two have met, €100 was on the line, and Pajack came back from behind after trailing 0 – 2 to claim the victory in one of the most epic best-of-five series in the history of Slovenian SC2 scene. Since then, we have witnessed the re-surge of Pajack as one of the best Slovenian players, while DeLuxE showed occasional slips and still lacks a first place on national tournaments despite multiple second place finishes. The young Protoss is in a decent form, but so is Pajack, who lost only to Evuser since his championship run at PwS Invitational III in April 2014 and will look to add another trophy to his hame. DeLuxE, on the other hand, has problems with Zerg opponents, dropping the Bo3 series against Pajack, Evuser and Deumos on recent Slovenian tournaments, and as the tourney is stacked with good Zerg players, he will have to display his best game in order to have a go at finishing in the Top3.

T_smallMiA|Killerfive vs MiA|VonComet T_small

Mirror match-up between the experienced VonComet and “Slovenian Terran hope” Killerfive could go either way. Judging by the results in the past months, it is Killerfive who looks to have an upper hand, winning MiA Invitational 4 in February and 2014 Conn.Si Massacre 5 in June, while also finishing second on Massacre 3. The picture would be different one year ago, when VonComet won PwS Invitational II (July 2013) and was looking like the next best thing to Starbuck, while Killerfive wasn’t even a competitor back then. However, ever since that gold on PwS Invitational II, VonComet has failed to achieve anything notable on national tournaments, apart from the 3rd place on Offblast LAN 2013. Series will be important for both, as falling to Lower Brackets early means trouble for our Terran representatives.

Z_smallMiA|Deumos vs mouz|StarbuckZ_small

The seeding was cruel to Deumos as he has to face the Slovenian Ace Starbuck in the Round 1 of Massacre Summer Finals. No matter how good Deumos is – and he looks to be back to his old self – he will find it difficult to beat Starbuck, a #67 in World and #12 Non-Korean on Aligulac, who lost only one best-of-three against a fellow Slovenian, and even that happened while playing with Protoss. It appears Deumos will try his best through Lower Brackets, and Starbuck remains the first (and only?) candidate for the gold. The questions remains if any Slovenian player can dethrone Starbuck?


Conn.Si would like to thank SteelSeries Slovenia for providing the prize pool of 2014 Conn.Si SC2 Massacre Summer Finals. You can follow the results here, and be sure to tune in on Sunday, 29th of June 2014, at 13:00 CEST for live stream in English on ConnSee.


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